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FeedTso is the Google Reader client that puts you in control of what is most important for you, enhances your reading experience with stunning photography, a beautiful user interface and entertaining interactions.
You can glance at the latest and most interesting news, and later you can get to the contents, read the news and share them with your friends over social networks.
FeedTso is also a social Google Reader client: the friends you follow are available directly on the first screen and this helps staying in touch with them and reading what they liked to read.
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"The application looks good, and I think it is innovative in its approach. I am impatient to see more."
Laurent Bugnion Microsoft MVP, specialized in WP7 and author of the official Twitter app.

"I'm looking forward to using the sharing features! Really awesome!"
Igor Damiani Italian developer and FeedTso beta tester.


Coming soon the section with a collection of the most common questions about FeedTso.

User Guide

Coming soon online reference to know everything about FeedTso.